Eggshell membrane


Collagen, lysozyme, glycosaminoglycans


Navarra, Spain



Eggshell membrane Collagen, lysozyme, glycosaminoglycans Navarra, Spain INNAIN

Tucked away in a corner of Spain, at the western end of the mountain peaks and green valleys of the Pyrenees, the province of Navarra is home to INNAIN, an innovative company dedicated to the development of natural ingredients for nutricosmetics. Here, eggshell membrane is transformed into Membraderm®, a key ingredient in the Trichology Matrix formulas.


Considered one of the most nutritious foods on the planet, the egg is a remarkable structure with the ability to nurture new life from a single cell.

The eggs used to create Membraderm® come from a single geographical origin, which assures the traceability and quality of the product, the eggs are obtained exclusively from free-range chickens which have both an interior protected area, as well as an exterior field which provides ample space for the animals to run and spend time in their natural environment. Animal welfare and traceability are vital steps in order to obtain the best quality eggs.


The eggshell membrane is the only natural extract that contains over 500 types of biological value-added proteins, in addition to high concentrations of different types of amino acids. To obtain the internal membrane, the shell is firstly separated carefully from the rest of the egg to maintain the original composition of the native eggshell membrane and assure that the original structure is not altered.

Once separated, the shells are transported a short journey away to a special facility in the small Mediterranean town of Irurtzun, Spain. Here, a delicate mechanical process called Line Production takes place. Using only the purest water, and assuring that the original collagen doesn’t break during the process, the shells are thoroughly cleaned and pressed until the internal membrane of the egg shell is finally separated. Once the membrane is separated it is ready to be converted through a patented process into the only 100% natural soluble egg membrane in the market: Membraderm®.

Membraderm® contains native collagen, glycosamino- glycans and lysozyme. In addition to collagen and glycosaminoglycans, Membraderm® also contains other active ingredients such as growth factors, structural proteins, ovotransferrin and various essential amino acids, these compounds have a significant impact on hair thickness, reduction in hair breakage and improvement in hair growth, making it a vital ingredient in the Trichology Matrix formulas.


OXOMIO has partnered with INNAIN, the world's only company with 100% natural soluble eggshell membrane and the only global manufacturer with organic quality (bio) ingredients.

INNAIN, a Spanish nutricosmetics and functional foods company based in Navarre is dedicated to the innovative development and production of natural and bioactive ingredients. INNAIN is the first European company to obtain eggshell membrane and the only manufacturer with integrated production from egg shell by-products.


INNAIN takes great pride in its eco-sustainability by implementing environmentally friendly processes and strict quality controls. Membraderm promotes the use of natural resources as the raw material used to obtain its precious ingredient is the eggshell, therefore being a byproduct of the food industry. Membrederm provides an innovative alternative to the integral use of the egg, turning the elements that are currently disposed of into our valuable ingredient.

Membraderm® has also been chosen for being guaranteed to be GMO-free, free from gluten, soya and dairy derivatives.