The art of packaging

The OXOMIO presentation

Each one of our products is perfectly wrapped with exceptional care and presented in our exclusive packaging.

Unforgettable gifts

Unwrapping OXOMIO makes for the memory of a lifetime. Give the gift of ultimate wellness.

A personal touch

OXOMIO invites you to include a special message with your gift.

Reuse, Refill & Recycle

Biodegradable Plant-Based Barrier Foam

During shipping, all of our products are protected with an entirely plant-based biodegradable, backyard-compostable, edible, and water dissolving barrier foam, leaving no waste behind and making it impossible to pollute oceans, lakes, rivers, or waterways.


Refill Pouch - Coming soon.

Refills are available in our recyclable pouches in order to truly minimize the full life cycle environmental impact of packaging production and transportation.


Our materials reflect our commitment to the environment. Our formulas are housed in pure borosilicate glass jars, Asian acacia wood lids, and maritime brass spoons. All of our products are presented in our elegant and practical packaging designed to be reused together with our jars.

Wooden caps are thoughtfully harvested by skilled farmers from asian acacia trees, known as one of the most sustainable woods due to its quick growth rate. Acacia trees race against time and can grow up to 35 feet in just 13 months, averaging around one inch per day in height.

Glass Bottles. Because not all glass is created equal, pure borosilicate glass usually reserved for laboratory glassware and scientific lenses is exclusively used to house our products. Individual jars are hand-finished in order to ensure the utmost quality throughout the production process. Designed for reuse and forgoing the use of plastic, over 1,000 kg of waste is removed from circulation every year.

Brass Spoons. Handcrafted in the Indian state of Uttar Pradesh near the banks of the Ramganga river, each OXOMIO spoon is truly unique. Skilled artisans sculpt and polish each spoon by hand from a single piece of maritime brass until it develops a lustrous shine.


Paper, Bottle and Box Labels. All of the paper and labels we use are certified by the Forest Stewardship Council (FSC). This Certification ensures the paper meets the standards for well-managed forests and the responsible use of forest resources.

We systematically seek paper products from responsibly managed forests, with appropriate certifications to ensure proper chain-of-custody.