OXOMIO is a luxury wellness company headquartered in San Miguel de Allende, Mexico with offices in Austin, TX. We invite you to search our current openings to find roles that match your unique attributes and skill sets.

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OXOMIO is a private company whose values are grounded in transforming the workplace in order to create the conditions for people to perform at their absolute best.

Inspired by our founder, David Friedeberg, who lives his life based on the quest for uncompromising excellence and the passion for quintessential wellness. We offer a unique work environment where we strive to empower our people to realize their full potential and achieve their ambitions by creating a culture that nurtures their talents and encourages their capacity to learn, grow and innovate, so that they can flourish and follow their path with pride.

At OXOMIO, being a human-driven employer means being conscious and caring in inspiring our people; we foster environments that reflect our ingrained values of excellence and self-development; providing a supportive and inclusive workplace that encourages collaboration, well-being, and happiness.

We are delighted that you are inspired to join us and wish you well with your search.