OXOMIO Bespoke

An Introduction to Possibility

Welcome to OXOMIO Bespoke, the personalized service dedicated to satisfying the unique wellness needs of the world's most ambitious individuals.

The bespoke service offers exclusivity and discretion, tailored to your exact requirements.

Each wellness desire is unique, as is each formula created, thanks to the vision of our medical team, the nobility of the ingredients, and the confident and meticulous skill of our craftsmen. Each formula is conceived during meetings between the client and the dedicated team who then design a unique creation. This shared dream, interpreted and executed by OXOMIO’s commitment to absolute excellence, produces exceptional creations.


Exclusive Ingredients

The OXOMIO archive, featuring an unrivaled selection of more than 1,000 ingredients ranging from the rare and unique, to the renowned and long-standing. The sky is the limit when selecting from our wide range of extracts, botanicals and exceptionally concentrated ingredients, all of which are offered to our Bespoke Clients.

Unmistakably OXOMIO

Conception of your Bespoke OXOMIO endeavour begins with a meeting with an expert who will become your dedicated contact. From there, we design your unique solution based on your desires and tailored to your physiology; your vision is realised without compromise. This exclusive bespoke service is available to make all wellness dreams a reality: an OXOMIO creation designed to order is produced exactly as requested.


A unique wellness experience awaits

Contact us to discuss how we can realise your individual vision, a dedicated contact can visit you in the comfort of your own home, office, or other place of convenience.