All of our products are formulated in-house by our specialized medical doctors, we never cut corners and spare no expense; their goal is simple, to create the world’s best supplements, bar-none. We believe in health above everything else. We are the only supplement company to exclusively use the purest patented natural and biotechnologically enhanced ingredients, proven to outperform their counterparts.

We are proud to only utilize the highest quality ingredients from around the world and are committed to ensuring our products are free from genetically modified ingredients (GMO), sulfates, parabens, synthetic fragrances and colours, glycols, silicones, PEG’s and phthalates.

Our products are formulated with the best natural and biotechnologically enhanced ingredients, including 100% organic fermented vitamins and minerals. Our ingredients have unique qualities, such as cutting-edge technology, superior ingredient purity and improved bioavailability. Each of the ingredients in our formulas have years of research and evidence behind them, and are sourced from the leading biotechnology companies and natural suppliers from around the world.

Chinese Ingredients

All of our products are 99-100% free from Chinese ingredients. While the vast majority of ingredients present in worldwide supplements are manufactured in China due to their low cost, we have opted to forego them as much as possible altogether. When we do use Chinese ingredients, we do so because that is the natural growing region for that specific ingredient, and we take the utmost care in vetting the suppliers and their practices.

Unfortunately, China has a reputation for lacking environmental health, with its water quality often in crisis. Even when foods are organic or grown without chemical sprays, they often become toxic with the heavy metals that China’s industrial wastewater leaches into the soil. In addition, the standards and regulations held by the organizations that certify Chinese ingredients do not reach our standards.

While many companies mark their supplements as manufactured in the US, FDA labeling guidelines do not require manufacturers to list the true origin of the ingredients; OXOMIO always opts for full disclosure.