Seeds Rewards

What are PuntOX?

We love to see our customers happy which is why we created the Seeds rewards program.  Get points for showing interest in OXOMIO and buying our products which you can redeem free discounts & more!

How does it work?

Get 1 Seed

For sharing our products on Twitter, Facebook or following us on Instagram
(Applies only once)


Get 2 Seeds

For every product you buy from our store

Get 4 Seeds

When you celebrate your birthday!

Get 10 Seeds

For each person you recommend and purchases a product.

Redeem your seeds

2 Seeds

Free Shipping

4 Seeds

$5 Discount

8 Seeds

$10 Discount

20 Seeds

Free product with purchase

We named our program Seeds because in addition to providing you extra benefits we also pledge to benefit the environment with more seeds. For every 100 seeds redeemed by our customers we pledge to plant a tree in the deforested region of the Sierra Gorda, Mexico