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by Paula Vertiz March 29, 2018 0 Comments

If you thought the person behind this blog was going to be a nutritionist or a personal trainer or at least one of those Instagram girls with an amazing body...then I am sorry to disappoint.

My name is Paula, and I am a what you call an “average Jane”, but ever since I can remember I have always dreamed of having an amazing body, and I have been on the endless search to have it at all costs (unless that cost requires hard work and dedication then its a no from me...just kidding...but not really).



This blog is dedicated to all those women who, like me have an average life, with a full time job, some social life and daily responsibilities and can’t really afford to be all day taking selfies with a bowl of beautiful tropical fruit as the sun sets in Bora Bora or posing with a FitTea bag at the gym with a super cute matching gym outfit….

So, that being said if you would like to change your lifestyle for a healthier and more active one and need some tips to help you along the way then welcome!

Paula Vertiz
Paula Vertiz

Paula is a fitness enthusiast, with a strange obsession with butt exercises. She loves to make people laugh and enjoy life. Her hobbies include gardening and eating until her stomach that she can later complain about gaining weight.